The CTEK Range

CTEK XS 800 Fully Automatic 4 Step 12v Charger.
CTEK XS 800 battery charger is an optimal maintenance charger for  batteries up to 100Ah. It has been designed to charge smaller 12V batteries. Designed to charge batteries used in motorbikes, lawnmowers and jet skis An easy-to-use, fully automatic 4-step charger that supplies 0.8 A, which is ideal for maintenance charging all lead-acid batteries from 1.2–100 Ah and charging batteries 1.2–32 Ah.
CTEK Multi XS 3600 Fully Automatic 4 Step 12v Charger.
CTEK MULTI XS 3600 is a compact battery charger convenient and easy to use. The Multi XS 3600 is a fully automatic 4-step charger that provides both 0.8 A and 3.6 A charging. It features a special cold mode to give optimal charging on cold winter days. It is suitable for all 12 V lead-acid batteries from 1.2–75Ah and suitable for maintenance charging up to 120 Ah batteries.
Multi XS 4003 Fully Automatic 8 Step 12V Charger.
CTEK MULTI XS 4003 is smarter, better and safer than any other consumer battery charger on the market today. A third generation charger has more features than any other battery charger in this segment. The MULTI XS 4003 is suitable for advanced charger applications and general applications uses. The Multi XS 4003 is electronic proof, non-sparking, reverse polarity and short circuit proof. It is fully-automatic with unique 8-step charging and supplies an optimised 0.8 A charge for small battery types and a 4 A-charge for normal size 12V batteries between 1.2–90 Ah and suitable for maintenance charging up to 140 Ah.
Multi XS7000 Fully Automatic 8 Step 12V Charger.
CTEK MULTI XS 7000 is an ideal charger for use in a caravan, car and boat. The charger has been designed for year-round use. Special feature includes a supply mode enabling the charger to provide 12v power without a battery (mains connection required). The Multi XS700 is fully-automatic with unique 8-step charging that supplies 7 A and which is suitable for 12 V batteries between 14-150 Ah and is suitable for maintenance charging up to 225 Ah.
Multi XS25000 Fully Automatic 8 Step 12V Charger.
CTEK MULTI XS 25000 is the professional charger that gives complete battery care for large batteries in workshops, caravans, or boats. Special features include temp sensor that adjusts the charge voltage to suit the battery temperature to guarantee effective battery charging in all climates and a supply mode so the battery charger provides 12v power without a battery (mains connection required).   It is fully-automatic with unique 8-step charging that supplies 25 A which is suitable for 12 V batteries between 40-500 Ah.

CTek Intelligent Battery Charging Range

CTEK’s Range of intelligent award winning chargers, including the newly launched Multi XS 4003, have emphasis placed on their design, innovation and unique multi step charging process.

CTEK’s Multi XS range of smart charger optimises the performance of lead-acid batteries by determining accurate readings of a battery’s charge and ensuring the appropriate action is taken to optimise the battery for use, thereby prolonging a battery’s life to the benefit of both the owner and the environment.
These chargers work automatically to preserve the battery charge and activate when the voltage drops slightly guaranteeing the battery is kept fully charged and always ready for use.
CTEK chargers are designed for safety in ALL aspects – the battery, the vehicle electronic system and for the user - spark proof, reverse polarity protected and short circuit proof, CTEK chargers are the only available charger to offer float AND pulse maintenance and hold WORLDWIDE patent for this technology.
Ctek Chargers carry out the following 4 main functions
Desulphation repeatedly runs a complete charge cycle in milliseconds
Bulk charge recovery - 80% of battery capacity is recovered
Absorption completes charging to 100% in controlled conditions
Pulse maintenance charges when needed to maximise battery life
All CTEK units are compact, robust, stylish, accessible storage.
All CTEK chargers are easy to use, fully automatic and require no specialist knowledge. Detailed instructions are included with the CTEK charger and as Smart Chargers determine an accurate reading of the level of charge within the battery, constant control is maintained over charge levels protecting both the battery and sensitive electrical equipment. To determine the correct charger for the size of battery (and sometimes the type) you want to charge, visit for information on the entire range of Smart Chargers or contact us on 0800 335 7338.

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